November is not the festival of singles but foreign customer

Time:2014-11-14 09:00
November was given the title of Singles Day Single Month by the current trendy young people, but such a single month is the Foreign Business Day in Renault. After the last time it welcomed Mexico’s largest purchaser on November 11, 2014, 11 On the 13th, foreign businessmen from Saudi Arabia came happily again.
These Renault customers were not bought back on Taobao by spikes, nor did they rely on the Double 11 festival to bring them back. It is because Renault has always driven domestic and foreign beer with the principle of quality and service first, so foreign businessmen After one cooperation, we can feel the professional and technical level of our company, and we are willing to cooperate again!
       The Saudi guests came to Renault's production base this time, visited our office, dormitory, etc. in detail, and communicated in detail on the specific details of the cooperation again.
Therefore, we believe that as long as RENOLIT adheres to the tenet of "quality and service", it will be recognized by more enterprises and foreign businessmen.
Work together for a better tomorrow for Renault!