What is wood grain aluminum veneer?

Time:2022-01-11 10:35
The wood grain aluminum veneer adopts the international advanced new pattern decorative material Italian wood grain film. After vacuum treatment, the wood grain film is pad printed on the fluorocarbon coating of the aluminum veneer, a high-grade metal decorative material. The wood grain aluminum veneer pattern is high-grade and gorgeous, the texture is realistic, the color is bright, the pattern is firm and wear-resistant, and it does not contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
The wood-look aluminum solid panel has high-end and gorgeous patterns, realistic textures, bright colors, strong and wear-resistant patterns, and does not contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Non-toxic is good for environmental protection, so you no longer have to worry about the peculiar smell of paint and glue after decoration and the harm to your body. Wood grain aluminum veneer has excellent quality and is the first choice for high-end architectural decoration.
Wood grain single aluminum plate are divided into two types in terms of specifications: those with a thickness of 1.2mm or less can be called aluminum gussets, and those with a thickness of 1.5mm or more are called aluminum veneers.
In terms of function, it makes up for the defects of wooden products. It is waterproof, fireproof, non-cracking, non-deformed, non-mold, and zero formaldehyde. Using high-quality aluminum alloy, and spraying fluorocarbon paint on the surface, the refractory temperature can reach more than 600°. The service life is long, up to 10-15 years or longer. Realize the effect of environmental protection and resource saving.