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Installation and installation method of aluminum plate with hollow art pattern

1, the hollow aluminum single board system according to the same level of height to install the edge angle.

2, according to the appropriate spacing hoisting light steel keel (38 or 50 keel), the general distance of 1-1.2 meters, suspender distance according to the provisions of the light steel keel distribution.

3, the hollow aluminum single plate system installed in hanging piece aluminum single plate keel, together with aluminum single plate keel to keel vertically buckle in the keel below the single aluminum plate keel spacing is determined by the plate size, must be adjusted to the overall level of bahrain.

4, the aluminum single plate buckle in the order of the keel, each buckle end of a pressure piece will be locked, when connecting the connecting piece for connecting keel.

5, fireproof aluminum veneer board system must be installed with gloves, such as accidentally leave fingerprints or stains, use detergent to wash and wipe dry.

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