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More knowledge about aluminum air conditioner covers
【 Release time:2015-7-21 15:42:54 】    【 News sources:http://www.gdlnlt.com 】    【 Viewed :

As the arrival of the hot summer, air conditioner should be the loyal partner accompaning us. Previously, air conditioner covers are coth on sales, when summer coming, people need to take it off so as to make the air conditioner cooling and begin normal operation. But Reinalite exterior aluminum alloy air conditioner covers is a sweet heart to your air conditioners. It not only makes your air conditioner covers protective but also dont need to take them off.

Aluminum alloy cover consists of several main boards, a number of side plate and upper board. Between several main boards, a number of side panels, as well as side panel and adopts the hinge connection between main board, with the formation of concave glyph, all plate when the folding overlapping, with the top of the motherboard and side plate with tenons, near the upper surface of the next set mortise.With folding and disassembling type structure, greatly reduce the volume, transportation cost is greatly reduced, tear open outfit is easy, aluminum alloy cover has reasonable structure, easy production, the advantages of easy to packing and shipping. 

Reianlite aluminum alloy value is beyond the pratical scope, absorbing the strong fashion color, being the symbol of elegance. What's more, it is also  preferred decoration productsof city image reconstruction .By the way, it has become the ornament architectural partner with the  favour of high-end real estate developers.

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