What advantages of aluminum ceiling are ?

Time:2015-07-23 15:35
Aluminum interior ceiling material after a gradual evolution, from the early wood smallpox  condole top, plasterboard condole top, mineral wool board condole top, aluminum ceiling carries on the development to the present.Of all the metal smallpox condole top, aluminum ceiling adornment is widely popular,  not only the decoration effect, but also the lower price .
Removing the lower price advantage, compared with other condole top material, what other advantages of aluminum ceiling are?
Firstly, aluminum ceiling has a unique decorative effect with rich variety and ten million kinds of color choices. Aluminum ceiling can be customized according to customer's actual needs processing, surface treatment can also be electrostatic spray paint, ink, roll coating; coating will not rub off and fall off easily;  there would be no obvious defect such as scratch, bubble.Not only that, but it can also be processed into a variety of shapes and presented to the colorful feeling.
Secondly,  excellent practicability, prelongs aluminum ceiling ceiling life span. Due to the high quality aluminum alloy material, aluminum ceiling is waterproof,  strong corrosion resistance, fire prevention,  moistureproof  and oxidation resistance.As time goes by, they won't appear obvious color change, weaken performance. While traditional wood material , gypsum ceiling,  after a period of time of usage, they  will turn yellow, fall off,  water damage easily.  Seriously, they affect the life span .

Thirdly , aluminum ceiling board face level off, not easy deformation, adornment effect of the whole unification, concise.Can also combine lamps and lanterns, wire rod, such as central air conditioning, sealing strong, really take the role of the ceiling to the limit.
Finally, the aluminum ceiling installation and maintenance is convenient, clean up is simple, and can be completely recycled, while gesso condole top, woodiness ceiling can't recycle use.Comprehensive above, we can see the excellent properties of aluminum ceiling and colorful decorative performance, will believe that with the development of the time, the ceiling in the future market in the form of more advantageous.