What are the advantages of aluminum perforated panels?

Time:2022-01-06 19:20
What advantages are aluminum perforated panels used for the interior wall decoration?

For a long period, aluminum perforated panels are used for indoor ceilings, but very few were used for interior wall decoration. This is biased.

There are still many advantages with the usage of aluminum perforated panels in interior decoration.

Firstly, during the interior decoration, it is feasible to take the decoration of aluminum perforated panels, which will make interior decoration novel, unique,and avoid visual fatigue.
Because of the existence of different perforated design patterns, it looks full of art.

Secondly, Indoor perforated aluminum panels can not only reduce the noise but create a comfortable environment space. If you can attach to the underside of the perforated aluminum panels with sound-absorbing paper and sound insulation cotton, it will greatly increase the airtight suction volume of the space, thereby reducing the effects of noise. Not only that, the shape of the punching and the punching rate can be carried out by the requirements carefully, such as design, meeting with the demand for space sound-absorbing with different occasions.

Guangdong Reinalite Industrial manufacturer specializes in the production of perforated aluminum decorative products. All our perforated aluminum panels are produced by advanced CNC punching equipment, laser engraving perforation on the surface, or punching different designs to satisfy the customer to the pursuit of fashion and personality of aluminum plate decoration.