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Aluminum ceiling

  • Release time:2022-01-11 14:05

describe:Aluminum veneer is a new generation of architectural decoration ceiling materials developed in recent years. Aluminum ceilings are not only fireproof and moisture-proof, but also anti-corrosion, anti-static, sound absorption and sound insulation. The aluminum veneer ceiling material is mainly sprayed with fluorocarbon, which can be adapted to various applications. The aluminum veneer ceiling breaks through the traditional monotony and limitations, and radiates its unique charm in the ceiling decoration.

Product Name:Aluminum ceilings
Brand:Guangdong Reinalite Industrial Co.,Ltd
Material:3003H24/1100H24 aluminum and aluminum alloy
Color:customized design,choosed from RAL catalog or CBCC
Surface Treatments:
1,Powder coated(Ordinary PE /Fluorocarbon powder)
2,PVDF 2/3 painting(PPG,AKZO)
Pattern:Customized Design Available.
Process Equipment:CNC punching machine/ engraving machine
Application:Indoor decoration
Warranty:Up to15 ~20 Years 
Monthly Capacity:50000 square meters

The aluminum ceilings are distinguished according to the decoration location, which can be divided into kitchen and bathroom ceilings,
living room and bedroom ceilings, corridor ceilings, and tooling ceilings. According to the material, they can be divided into gypsum ceilings,
plastic steel ceilings, glass ceilings, and metal ceilings. Among them, the metal ceiling has the fastest development. Metal ceiling technology
has been constantly developing and advancing, and now it has integrated aesthetics, sound insulation, and sound absorption. Create an elegant,
gorgeous, and peaceful environment.

·  Light weight, good rigidity and high strength
· Good sound /heat insulation and shockproof performance
· Flame-retardant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof
· Environmental protection, not easy to age and deform
· Easy assembly and disassembly, convenient maintenance
· Diversified styles, patterns can be customized

1. Weak line: According to the floor elevation level, according to the design elevation, along the wall around the ceiling elevation level,
and find the center point of the room, and along the ceiling ele
vation level, draw the keel division position on the wall with the room center
point as the center String.
2. Install the main keel boom: After the ceiling elevation level and the keel position line are played, determine the elevation of the lower
end of the boom, install the pre-processed boom, and fix the boom on the ceiling with a diameter 8 expansion bolt. The boom is made of
round steel with a diameter of 8 and the spacing of the suspension bars is controlled within the range of 1200 mm.
3. Install the main keel: C38 light steel keel is generally used for the main keel, and the spacing is controlled within the range of 1200 mm.
During installation, the hanger matched with the main keel is connected with the boom.
4. Install side keel: Fix the 25×25㎜ paint keel with cement nails around the wall according to the ceiling height requirements, and the distance
between the cement nails is not more than 300 mm.
5. Install the secondary keel: According to the specifications and dimensions of the aluminum gusset plate, install the secondary keel that matches
the plate, and the secondary keel is hung on the main keel through a hanger. When the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended by multiple
keels, use the secondary keel connector to connect the opposite ends while hanging the secondary keel, and straighten it before fixing.
6. Install the metal plate: When the aluminum gusset is installed, pull a reference line perpendicular to the secondary keel in the middle of the assembly
area, and align the reference line to install on both sides. When installing, handle with care, and press the two sides of the square plate in the order of the
flanging position, and then push it tightly after snapping into the keel.
7. Cleaning: After the aluminum gusset is installed, wipe the surface of the board with a cloth, and there should be no dirt or fingerprints.