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Perforated Aluminum Panels

  • Release time:2022-01-11 14:08

describe:The Perforated Aluminum Panels system uses high-quality aluminum alloy panels as the base material, and advanced CNC bending technology to ensure that the sheet can be flat and not deformed after processing, The surface coating of the fireproof aluminum veneer system adopts Dutch Lanshi fluorocarbon spraying equipment and Akzo fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating to ensure uniform surface color, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation, and super corrosion resistance.

Product Name:Perforated Aluminum Panels
Brand:Guangdong Reinalite Industrial Co.,Ltd
Material:3003H24/1100H24 aluminum alloy
Color:customized design,choosed from RAL catalog
Surface Treatments:
1,Powder coated(Ordinary PE / Fluorocarbon powder)
Pattern:Customized Design Available.
Thickness:customized design
Process Equipment:CNC punching machine/ engraving machine
Application:outdoor & Indoor decoration
Warranty:Up to15 ~20 Years 
Monthly Capacity:50000 square meters

The hollow plate is a personalized pattern of different shapes processed by CNC engraving machine and CNC turret punch.
The surface can be sprayed, oxidized, etc. The combination of hollow board and other decorative materials shows more fashion
and individuality. It creates more imagination space for designers. Different designs create different decorative effects.
The extraordinary design gives it a value-for-money effect.

·  Light weight, good rigidity and high strength
· Good sound /heat insulation and shockproof performance
· Flame-retardant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof
· Environmental protection, not easy to age and deform
· Easy assembly and disassembly, convenient maintenance
· Diversified styles, patterns can be customized

Building exterior walls, beams and columns, balconies
Terminal/car building
Conference hall, opera house
Sports venues, KTV clubs
Reception lobby etc.

1. The hollow aluminum veneer system is installed with the corners according to the same level.
2. Hoist the light steel keel (38 or 50 keel) according to the appropriate spacing, the general spacing is 1-1.2 meters, and the distance of the boom is distributed according to the light steel keel regulations.
3. The hollow aluminum veneer system puts the hanging parts pre-installed on the aluminum veneer keel, together with the aluminum veneer keel, is closely attached to the light steel keel to be buckled under the light steel keel in a vertical direction. The distance between the aluminum veneer keel is determined by the size of the plate. OK, it must be adjusted to the level after all installation.
4. Buckle the aluminum veneers on the keel in sequence, and press down the inverted lock piece after each piece is buckled. When the keel is connected, use the connecting piece to connect.
5. When installing the fireproof aluminum veneer system, you must wear gloves. If fingerprints or stains are left accidentally, they can be cleaned with detergent and wiped dry.